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10% of U.S. Households Having Trouble Finding Food During the Pandemic - Should Congress Expand SNAP Benefits?
by Causes
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  • Tony
    Voted No

    SNAP or EBT "benefits" as they more commonly known, have been abused for years. The first "problem" is, in many urban and poverty stricken areas, the benefits are sold, commonly, for $.50 on a dollar. The recipients go into local grocery stores or Bodegas and sell that months benefits for cash. It's hard for the system to stop this cash for benefits scam. The recipients then take the cash and purchase, cigarettes, alcohol and DRUGS with the money. Or other things that cannot be purchased with an EBT or SNAP card. The DEMOCRAT politicians all know this. But do Little or nothing about it. Because in their respective states, this is a multi BILLION dollar underground economy. Secondly, the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT TRASH that have "infiltrated" our country, get SNAP benefits NO QUESTIONS ASKED. They simply show up with kids in tow at the local Social Service Office or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT SUPPORT CENTER and VIOLA, they get benefits. Which of course they turn into cash at the local Bodega. Then, the "reapplication" for these benefits is every 6 months in most states. Many people who received SNAP who were out of work have have since gone back to work, may STILL be receiving SNAP benefits. They will KEEP receiving SNAP until the 6 month allotment has ended and simply won't reapply. Having BILKED the system for benefits they may not be entitled to. Finally (and I have personally seen this) Immigrants who OWN small grocery stores, BUYING CASES of Soft drinks, canned goods and other "approved" foods and then RESELLING them in Grocery stores they own. In most cases, it's the MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS who are the THIEVES doing this. MUSLIM MEN, under MUSLIM SHARIA LAW, are allowed to have more than ONE WIFE. So, being as ALL the wives get SNAP BENEFITS to support as many as a DOZEN CHILDREN, the REVENUE is enough to keep their store shelves stocked at TAXPAYER expense. AGAIN, the DEMOCRATS who wanted this GARBAGE to come into the country, DO NOTHING to stop this FRAUD. SNAP or EBT benefits programs in EVERY DEMOCRAT RUN STATE is RIFE with CORRUPTION and THEFT! But with BILLIONS in TAXPAYER MONEY running a billion dollar underground economy, legislators like GILLIBRAND, MALONEY AN CHUCK SCHUMER simply look the other way.


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