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Should TikTok and Other Chinese-Owned Apps Be Banned Over Privacy Concerns?
by We Hold These Truths
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  • Phillip
    Voted No

    It’s widely known that the CCP and other governments are collecting user information from apps that they approve. However it is also widely known that the NSA etc gather user information and store or use it and pass it on to other agencies in our own government. It constantly amazes me that the US populace in general will sell their soul or identity or do what they are told by a corporation that is not held to account and driven by greed in proven cases over and over while they quibble at a government agency having the same information. The only way to stop your information from being gathered and used and sold it seems is to drop off the grid completely. If you want to use any of the apps available you have to provide details which is a personal choice. I think it should be made a responsibility of the app provider eg Apple to check and censure the app. They should also provide clear warnings on apps that make it through but do collect personal or financial etc data on people. I see no reason why we wouldn’t let in apps being used by billions of people world wide so that our people can use and vet and therefore develop better apps that can put those apps out of business.

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