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Should the NYT’s 1619 Project Be Taught in Schools?
by Causes
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  • Phillip
    Voted Maybe

    I’m not sure the 1619 project should be taught as it has supposed factual errors. However. The true history of the country needs to be taught. It needs to be taught with a view to prevailing views and attitudes also and not trying to impose 21st century thinking on 17th century actions either. The more real history that I learn I have become a firm believer that had post civil war America continued at the rate of progress for PoC as it did that this country would not be witnessing the issues it has not put to rest for 400 years. It was the destruction of that progress by the “lost cause” and other white nationalist ideologies from about 1870 onwards. These ideologies didn’t just take root in the USA. It was a world wide phenomenon. It’s just that the USA turned it into an art form and furthered its aims when others realized the flaws and attempted the slow march back to normalcy.


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