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What’s in Republicans' Coronavirus Relief Package?
by Causes
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  • Latricia
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    The senate proposal does not go far enough. The enhanced unemployment assistance of up to 70% of former wages in next to impossible for the states to administer leaving the million who list their jobs due to COVID with only their state benefits. In Arizona that benefit is obscenely low. A reduction from $600 to $400 would be better. There is no provision to extend the moratorium on evictions/foreclosures or payments of student loans. Our homeless problems in Arizona will increase as more Arizonans lose their homes. The $1200 stimulus payment is low and should be recurring rather than a one time payment. The only way to stimulate the economy, prevent increased homelessness and help people safely protect themselves during this pandemic is to put more money into the hands of the people. Too many Republicans and Democrats have no problem giving massive amounts of taxpayer money to large corporations who are capable of weathering the pandemic but balk at giving it to those who need it the most and where it will do the most good.

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