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Mnuchin: It ‘Wouldn’t Be Fair’ to Use ‘Taxpayer Dollars to Pay More People to Sit Home’ – Do You Support the New GOP Coronavirus Relief Plan?
by Causes
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  • Phillip
    Voted No

    This disaster has trumpublican written all over it! People are being paid at $15 per hour for a 40 hr week. That’s what they should be earning. Employers need to step up and offer the same money to those people they want to return. The huge underpaying of labor in the USA has been exposed by this. Any tax breaks or benefits for anyone other than employees at this stage need to be stopped. Corporations are fine. Or should be as they should have adequate cash reserves to ride out economic upsets for at least a year. Any business should. If you were running that close to the wind before This then your business mode was faulty and the next non covid recession which we were already entering in February before covid would have taken care of you anyway. Any taxpayer life support should be for employees and businesses that were being managed properly

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