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Mnuchin: It ‘Wouldn’t Be Fair’ to Use ‘Taxpayer Dollars to Pay More People to Sit Home’ – Do You Support the New GOP Coronavirus Relief Plan?
by Causes
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  • Dusty
    Voted No

    How come Republicans are only anti deficit when it comes to getting money to workers and the middle class, but when they’re passing handouts to billionaires no amount of money is too great? What’s happening right now is why nearly every economist agreed the 2017 corporate give away tax cuts were a mistake. When the economy is strong you save for hard times. When the economy is struggling you spend to revive it. Instead we gave trillions to investors and ballooned the deficit to a point that we can’t sustain a social safety net required for an economic crisis. The past 4 years of Republican economics has been a master class on incompetence.


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