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L.A. and San Diego Public Schools Won’t Open in Fall — Should More Cities Follow Suit?
by Causes
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  • Cari
    Voted No

    Kids need to go to school so parents can work!! This country cannot stay afloat without everyone functioning. We all are connected and rely on each other. Also, where was the extreme actions with h1n1?!?! It is unfortunate that this appears to be a bit political. Democrats go on about they right to their body but now they feel they can tell me I need to wear a mask that we all know the virus goes through. If we all covered our coughs, washed our hands and stayed home when sick, this would limit spread. Let people work and keep things open. People will decide what is right for them. The media needs to accurately cover data without putting their own spin on it and let’s stop reporting a death from cancer, drug ID, car accident etc as Covid when the person clearly died from something else! Remember 97%do just fine with Covid. We will all die from something and the effects of how this is being managed will probably hurt more than the actual virus. Ie increased depression, suicide, negative financial implications, poor mental health, stress, delayed diagnosis of chronic conditions or cancer... all while those at increased risk could take their own individual precautions versus expecting the whole society to shut down and go bankrupt!! Also, when a vaccine is created, is that going to be mandatory or people will be back to making their own choices?? Heck we already have how many vaccines that people refuse to take and they are actually deadly like measles?!?! All government should do is accurately educate the public and make recommendations!!


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