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Democrats Consider Punting Police Reform to 2021 - Should Police Reform Wait ‘Until After the Election’?
by Causes
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  • Cari
    Voted Yes

    I say we reform government. There is some shady things going on that are not in the public’s best interest. I am tired of the fake politicians saying they care about this or that when the reality is, most are greedy and somehow get rich during their political career, explain how that happens!!! The gate for Trump is outrageous, you don’t have to like him but he genuinely cares about all citizens in this country and just wants the laws followed and has actually increased the numbers for employed individuals regardless of race and gender! It is easy for those filled with hate to say he is racist or whatever crazy thing of the day it is but give me real facts and data about what he has done wrong... there isn’t much because he actually does a good job. The media won’t acknowledge anything good he does and they don’t cover the stories of how people actually lied about the so called Russian collusion and people are finally getting caught for lying to have his campaign spied on but where is the media outrage?!?! People better wake up and read the real stories because mainstream media isn’t actually covering the truth, they just spin everything to make Trump look bad...


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