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Trump Prepared to Dispatch Federal Police to More Cities - Do You Support the Move?
by Causes
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  • Judith
    Voted No

    Since when does the Federal government have the right to send militarized "Federal Police" into states and cities that have not requested help? The Governors and Mayors have specifically said they are not wanted, not welcomed, and they escalate problems. Also, why if they are there to "protect" federal buildings, are they not staying at federal buildings? One would think they would surround the federal buildings. Why are they wandering so far from federal buildings and picking peaceful protesters off the streets without identifying themselves and reading their victims their Miranda Rights? This is what happens in authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. "Federal police" have no place in our Democratic Republic. They need to be withdrawn and disbanded immediately. If they are not removed, you will see more and more moms and grandmothers take to the streets to protect the legitimate protesters exercising their rights of Free Speech. "Federal Police" is NOT going to bring "law and order" to our cities. It is quite obvious that is not their purpose. The administration and the GOP is trying to cause violent unrest. It appears Republicans are anti-Constitution and anti-American.

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