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The DC: McConnell says next COVID bill must focus on 'kids, jobs, and healthcare,' and... 🚸 Should K-12 students return to classrooms?
by Causes
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  • Sage

    Funny that he says these should be the focus while 1. Demonizing the unemployment plus up that expires Friday 2. Planning payroll deferrals to make Americans pay up any minor relief they receive now 3. Offering a payroll tax which entirely ignores a large swath of Americans who don’t (and can’t, due to permanent job losses) have a job 4. Wants to make it illegal to sue companies who are negligent toward their employees’ safety. This is just part 4 of another corporate bailout, and if they don’t want a mass eviction crisis and a depression unlike any before, maybe they should start working on a bill that practices the only kind of economy that really works: trickle UP.


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