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What Happens If Trump Refuses to Step Down If He Loses the 2020 Election? What If He Contests the Voting Results?
by Causes
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  • Ed
    Voted Maybe

    I am concerned about the continued erosion of voting rights, the outright and blatant suppression of voters, and the legitimacy of any claims this administration makes regarding the process. I have no fear of voter fraud as characterized by the GOP and this administration. Power will do anything to preserve itself. I believe it has always been clear that our two party system is flawed. I look only to the despicable disregard of justice this administration and its handpicked loyalists have done in pardoning convicted felons to realize even the 3rd branch of government has been stained by their corruption. Despite all of this I will still vote and I will face whatever barriers put in my way to do so, I have the luxury of privilege to even have this commitment as an option


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