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Georgia Governor Bans Cities From Ordering People to Wear Masks - Do You Support the Ban?
by Causes
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  • Angela
    Voted No

    I am immunocompromised and there are a lot of people out there that are. If I have to wear a mask, so should everyone else. I know people with asthma and COPD who have to wear masks in order to work and they do it. Any person who lives here should have enough respect for themselves and others to wear masks. Remember, it isn't just yourself at risk, you're putting others in danger too. Everyone should be made to wear masks or if they don't want to, then it should be made a law requirement that people who refuse to wear masks have to be tested for Covid every week. People wanna work and have income coming in, I understand that fully and support it. should be mandatory masks while going out to public places to work or shop. Along with it being a mandatory law maintaining the 6ft apart.

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