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Congress to Take Up Defense Spending as Negotiations Over Coronavirus Relief, Police Reform Continue
by Causes
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    @Lloyd: Three companies have started COVID-19 vaccine phase 3 trials. Moderna, the US company will be 4th 1) AstraZeneca-Oxford collaboration started Phase 3 on 6-25-20 when the 1st patient was enrolled in South Africa, and have collaborated with a Brazilian drug production company in Brazil so have been approved to enroll 8,000 Brazilian subjects for a total of 8,000 out of 30,000 subjects needed. They also plan to start trials in the US in the next few weeks planning to enroll 1,000 US subjects. 2) Sinovac, Chinese company partnered with Butantan, a Brazilian vaccine developer, has received a fast tracked approval from ANVISA, the Brazilian National Regulatory Authority, to start trials in Brazil and has plans to enroll 9,000 subjects of 30,000 required. 3) Sinopharm, Chinese company. 4) Moderna delayed a scheduled phase 3 start (7-9-20) to 7-27-20 due to protocol changes requested by the US FDA. Currently they plan to have 87 sites in 30 US states, and will be competing for patients with Astra-Zeneca-Oxford in the US. WARP Speed Initiate was formed 5-15-20 and has only invested money for production start up at Moderna ($465M), and prepaid 100M doses (which will dose 50M people) from AstraZeneca-Oxford collaboration ($1.2B) & Norovax ($1.6B) which hasn’t started phase 3. Vaccine work started 1-11-20, the day after the Chines released the Genome sequence per Dr Fauci through NIH collaboration with Biopharma companies. Impossible for an initiative (Warp Speed) started 5-15-20 have a phase 3 vaccine study start in July 2020.

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