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Bill to Remove Capitol's Confederate Statues Up for a Vote Next Week - Should They Be Removed?
by Causes
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  • Allan
    Voted No

    Stuped libtards !!! You can’t run or hide from history !! Nor can you change it .... But maybe it will repeat itself and we can fight that same battle over again .... some of you MORONS Think you need to free the slaves again ... News Flash——- you can’t help people that think that they are owed something there not ... If the chip on there shoulder is one of there own making you can’t fix someone’s crappy attitude... nor can you fix there hatred toward an imaginary adversary... White people are not your problem ... You and your wow is me attitude and your glorification of the thug lifestyle, Rampant drug usage, Fatherless households dependence on welfare ! The gang lifestyle, Black on black killings , disrespect for the police ,, your lack of education is an outgrowth of your Disrespect of authority. If black lives really matter why do you keep killing each other?? Before you blame white people for anything you need to fix your own issues and stop crying about being miss treated. Me for one the white guilt trip doesn’t work for me ,, I’ve never been given anything. I’ve had to work my entire life !!! if I miss a car payment they come take my car, if I miss a house payment I have to move. If I break the law or sell drugs I go to jail. To avoid being beat up by police I say yes sir do what I’m told and most of all don’t try to run, lie , of Resist arrest. Your bad attitude translates into things getting out of control when you’ve broken the law


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