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Georgia Governor Bans Cities From Ordering People to Wear Masks - Do You Support the Ban?
by Causes
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  • Leslie

    @davidf: Thank you for correctly citing GA hospitalizations & deaths which @FrostyOne did not. Hospitalizations for 18-60 year olds far exceeds those of 60 and above overwhelming hospitals which has been compared to having 1 bus accident per day per ICU. @john: Thank you for restoring empathy to this discussion as 3,168 deaths in 4 months in 1 state is 3,168 families in grief that should not be overlooked & reduced to acceptable numbers. What is most disturbing is that many are turning this into a numbers game with no empathy for suffering & death and unwilling to try to avoid more. As of 7-17-20 in the US there are 142,877 dead, and 1,915,175 active cases being treated. Of the 1,775,219 recovered cases about 45% will have permanent damage requiring ongoing care.

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