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Bill to Remove Capitol's Confederate Statues Up for a Vote Next Week - Should They Be Removed?
by Causes
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  • Joan
    Voted Yes

    Absolutely those statues must be removed! I lived in Northern Virginia for about 15 years (from 1st or 2nd grade until my freshman year of college) and I must have been told who these men were but I never equated them with men who traumatized and killed black people. Men like these brutalized families, separating family members on auction blocks. I understand that after the civil war when the union was upheld, honoring the confederate generals, etc. with statues prominently displayed in government buildings was an attempt to soothe the feelings of the people in the south who badly lost a war, lost their way of life and could no longer own slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation. But the statues are long overdue for removal. The Civil War ended over 150 years ago, the south was appeased and it’s high time to move on! I can’t stand to listen to people say that the confederacy is their “heritage” that they want to preserve. The statues represent monsters who tortured fellow human beings because of their skin color.

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