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Bill to Remove Capitol's Confederate Statues Up for a Vote Next Week - Should They Be Removed?
by Causes
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  • Ritch
    Voted Yes

    The removals should be done as the states direct. These statues are THEIR memorials. The seclusion pending those removals and replacements should be done by an legal act of Congress not the mob. So this legislation is appropriate. I do have concerns of a couple of the statues being removed as their removal is based on their older views and/or support for the rebellious states, overlooking that after the civil war their views changed. Having said that, there are several of the statues should never had been placed. Going forward congress should maintain oversight and approval authority for these statues (as in advice and consent). My suggestion would be states submit the names of those who they want represented, congress would review, discuss & debate, and then approve or reject. If rejected, the states would then submit a new candidate. One final thought: It’s interesting that all the ones being removed were Democrats or appointed by Democrats or supported Democrat causes. Is there something they aren’t telling us? Something we should think about?

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