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Bill to Remove Capitol's Confederate Statues Up for a Vote Next Week - Should They Be Removed?
by Causes
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  • Phillip
    Voted Yes

    There is no way any of those who pledged their life and efforts to the confederacy should be eulogized with a statue by the government of the USA. They chose to organize and take up arms in an armed rebellion against this state. They can be shipped to civil war museums and used as props to explain or educate regarding their treason or melted down for scrap. I however hold less ill feelings towards those who fought in rank and file for the confederacy. They were I would imagine in a majority of cases fed a line to defend their homes etc like any war. I also think it ok to have specifically confederate monuments to the fallen that were erected contemporaneously with the war or shortly thereafter. It’s the Jim Crow era stuff that was purely designed to intimidate and terrorize that should come down. I see no monuments in the USA to Cornwallis, Wolf or Arnold etc!

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