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Bill to Remove Capitol's Confederate Statues Up for a Vote Next Week - Should They Be Removed?
by Causes
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  • Jennifer
    Voted No

    I'm not sure if we should remove all the confederate statues, when it might not be such a great thing and a lot of them represent what went on in American history. I keep hearing about how brands such as Aunt Jemima's, Uncle Ben's, and Mrs. Butterworth's are being changed or removed, since they have something to do with Black History. I also heard how they were renaming teams such as the Washington Redskins, since it had something to do with Native American History. Then the Dixiechick's changed their name to the Chicks, since it had something to do with the confederate states. Why can't you teach more about Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American History in school? Then people would know more about those things in school as well as American History, so people wouldn't end up being that way.


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