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What Do You Want to See in Police Reform?
by Causes
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  • Chris
    Voted Yes

    There should be a ban on chokeholds. Turning off a body cam should constitute premeditated intent to commit a crime. There needs to a larger portion of police budgets spent on training. It should be illegal to use tear gas against civilians. There should be more mental health services available to officers. There should not be military-grade equipment and arms provided or sold to police departments. Police departments should not be able to be used to conduct directives from ICE. Police must live in the cities they serve. Community policing modalities and models should be implemented which progress toward identified benchmarks of success are reported. There should be civilian-led police review boards. Calls for substance abuse, mental health, de-escalation, etc. should be routed to mental health and chemical health clinicians. Police budgets should be significantly decreased to instead increase funding for affordable housing, social services, public education, etc. if an officer is fired for excessive force or misconduct, the officer should not be able to be rehired by another police department. An end to qualified immunity. An end to “no knock” warrants.


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