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Georgia Governor Bans Cities From Ordering People to Wear Masks - Do You Support the Ban?
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  • Allan
    Voted Yes

    A mask is like a chain link fence around your house to keep out mosquitoes... Do you dipshit libtards even think about your eyes ?? You believe anything your told ... SHEEP!!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT SHEEP I laugh at the fear in your eyes when you Steer away from people in the grocery store that don’t have masks on .. the real idiots drive there own car Wearing your symbol of enslavement. You mow your lawn with the mask your whole daily life has been Disrupted by a hoax! This is nothing more than the seasonal flu Weaponized by the government and the media .... the death rates are no more than your average yearly flu. They have been Inflating the numbers and not talking about the deaths . If you’re not too lazy you should look up the average yearly deaths From the flu for the last 20 years. SURPRISE !! Your being lied to .... You Lazy SHEEP will allow the whole economy to collapse because of your Irrational belief... YOU know what really pisses me off??? Friday there was 40-50 morons In front of the Safeway store with signs telling people to support the school Levy .. f you you don’t want to have the kids in school why should we pay any taxes at all ?? You teachers don’t want to work you don’t even deserve Unemployment... Many of us that wanted to work ,weren’t allowed to for three effing months. I don’t work I don’t eat . Can you explain to me why you should be any different .. you federal state or city workers/teachers. All got your fat paychecks. As it is you make twice as much as you deserve for what work you do. You have no idea how much anger this phony virus has caused The Democrat cities burning to the ground and being looted should be a clue. But instead the media tries to make it a racial thing🐂💩


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