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U.S. Rejects China's Territorial Claims in South China Sea as Beijing Seeks Military & Economic Ties With Iran
by Causes
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  • Muriel saenz
    Voted Yes

    I am really torn. My vote goes to the people who really defend us. To people who are loyal to their beliefs. Donald Trump has completely gone insane and so many people are dying with the MPP program and so many children in cages! Not to mention the horrific ways imigrants are now treated. Then we have a nation divided because we have failed to recognize the abuses that our police departments do against blacks and brown people. But just like a game of Chess we have China LOOMING on with socialism, corruption, killings, human right violations, and it’s a great world power. Do I let Trump continue destroying the USA I am so proud of or do I vote for someone else who might not be so strong with China? Under the Obama/Biden era they where so soft on COMMUNIST countries that now we have a world riddled with problems. I do not agree with the child like behavior or Trump- I do like Biden’s down to earth approach- but I want a STERN hand towards China. In my opinion because of the cruel treatment of the Chinese people they provoked people to eat anything that moves and now we have the novel Corona Virus. They kept quiet, they didn’t tell the world and the world wide consequences are really bad. Politics are twisted because on one hand they make you think they are on your side- but we must watch China- cause I’d China is not watched the whole world is at risk.

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