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Georgia Governor Bans Cities From Ordering People to Wear Masks - Do You Support the Ban?
by Causes
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  • Frank-001
    Voted No

    Perhaps more importantly, we desparately some kind of campaign to 1. Return COVID-19 data collection to the CDC. See: With CDC Out Of Data Collection, Some State Hospital Groups Can't Get COVID-19 Info 1. Ensure that the Director of the CDC, Dr. Fauci, et al to testify before Congress about school reopening if, where, when and how. Trump seems determined to satisfy his sociopathic criminal sadistic impulses by not only deceiving the American Public, abusing our fellow workers, Ignoring Constitutional Checks and Balances, Obstruct Congress and kill millions of Americans starting with the country's children who will unintentionally bring the disease home from school. Remember: Trump could have and should have been removed from office but the Republican controlled Senate decided not to convict him. Remember that come November 3, 2020. Do Not Be Taken In By The Lies Of A Madman.

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