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Georgia Governor Bans Cities From Ordering People to Wear Masks - Do You Support the Ban?
by Causes
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  • Cynthia
    Voted No

    I feel that any Politician is not qualified to direct a Pandemic. ONLY THE CDC SHOULD BE THE GOVERNING POWERS DURING A PANDEMIC. NO MIDDLE MEN!!! 1) The CDC should handle a pandemic. They will gets reports from World Health Organization about possible coming pandemics. Then they will issue alert levels with instructions for the population at large. More specific instructions will go out to local populations once more data is seen. 2) online forms for data collection will be issued by the CDC. All Health Officials that run independent clinics and hospitals, as well as the Medical Examiners office will collect and return data directly to the CDC. The CDC’s biostatisticians will sort and conclude the data. They will report conclusions to the President and any necessary Govenors.,w 3) Congress should subsidize the CDC to maintain current stockpiles of PPE’s (personal protective equipment) for civilian communities/hospitals/Independent Clinics who run short. CDC should also stockpile extra medical equipment such as respirators/ventilators/dialysis machines etc. To be rented out to communities as needed. 4) CDC will issue local isolation precautions for the public to specific locations based on returning data that career biostatisticians will oversee and write quality assurance reports that will include final statistics and resulting conclusions and agency actions/health orders for specific locations. They Will operate like the weather service adjusting alert levels and action orders or recommendations as needed. 5) The CDC will interact directly with Govenors, Mayors, etc as needed to give preliminary reports prior to public announcements of level adjustments in case state or city officials need to prepare in any way before public announcements. 6) The CDC will communicate directly with the World Health Organization (WHO) to be alerted of coming pandemics and to give WHO U.S. statistics on current pandemics. 7) During Pandemics the CDC will have power to order civilian actions to be considered law until the conclusion of the Pandemmic.

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