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What Do You Want to See in Police Reform?
by Causes
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  • Jill
    Voted Yes

    I’d like to see a trained mental health unit developed to be called out when there is an obvious mental health issue or that can be called out once LE sees that is the issue. I’d like to see less lethal action taken. I am sick of police involved shootings.Sometimes it’s necessary to save an officers life but I sometimes think it’s way to easy to react lethally when a less lethal way could be employed in a situation. I am not in LE so my ideas and concerns might be just me being a dreamer of less violence in our world. I would also like to see more community policing. I know that can be done and is done to a degree in many places, just not enough in my opinion. We need way more mental health field workers out in communities to help prevent some of the issues that we see today. I could see a mental health field worker and a police officer teamed up to do community policing. I want to see less militarization of our police forces!

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