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Should K-12 Students Return to Classrooms?
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  • Jennifer
    Voted No

    No, students and teachers should not return to the classroom in the fall. The CDC wants six feet of space between people which will not be possible in our overcrowded schools. Science as also shown the virus is airolized and we need good ventilation to prevent spread. How many classrooms have fans, or windows that open to create airflow? How are you going to mandate mask wearing for younger children, especially kindergarten through second grade? How would recess be handled? Children still need breaks from school instruction and play. It’s even more critical with the stress of a pandemic and all the changes that would be required by returning to classrooms. No, allow students and teachers to remain home and put the resources toward meeting the needs of those without WiFi at home, or devices for schoolwork, those who have IEPs and need additional services, or those who only meals come from school.

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