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Should K-12 Students Return to Classrooms?
by Causes
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  • Cindy
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    I think everyone agrees that they want kids back in school. It's good for the kids, the parents and the economy. HOWEVER, it must be done safely. I think it should be left up to the districts and the state. I think the districts should plan to reopen with the CDC guidelines for masks, social distancing and sanitizing. I know this is hard, but several districts already have plans. Some parents feel strongly about their kid(s) not returning in the fall. I think schools should "plan" on reopening with CDC concerns address as best they can. Then, they should have plans for the "what ifs". What if... 1) a parent doesn't feel comfortable sending their child, 2) a teacher gets covid, 3) a student is not feeling well, 4) my district is now part of a hot spot.... several scenarios to consider. Reduced funding for schools that open via e-Learning should NOT be part of the equation. These are unique times. We are all working our way thru them. And, i feel the education systems want the students back as much as anyone. But, it MUST be thought out.

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