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McConnell: 'Kids, Jobs, and Healthcare' Must Be the Focus of 'Phase 4' Coronavirus Bill - What Do You Want to See in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted No

    I am more afraid of the pork of this bill. We need to ensure that hospitals are prepared with PPE and respirators and maybe adding 5 more ICU rooms if deemed needed. I say this if you county in the middle of Wyoming and during the last surg you had two ICU patients and you have a 10 bed ICU. You don’t need 5 more ICU rooms. As far as kids go if we want to add plastic dividers in classrooms would make sense but all these help should be to get the kids back in schools. If this included to buy noninvasive temperature handheld devises and to pay people overtime to stay by each doorways to take temperatures this is fine. To buy each student their own private laptop and to pay for their high speed internet is a no go. Get the kids back to class. They had one school district that when we closed the school hat had up to twenty percent of the students through the end of year had never even check in once. Any money help needs to go to adult with income less than $100K per year Unemployment should be dropped to $500 the first week and dropped $400 per week the second and then to $300 the third week. Then down to $200 per week on the forth week and then down to $100. These amounts would be from the Federal government in addition to state unemployment rates. It would stay at $100 until further notice. The purpose is to wean people off the 40 hour week time $15 per hour rate of $600 per week that they have been receiving. If prior to the epidemic you worked 20 hours per week at $8.00 per hour then you need to slowly get back to regular paycheck. Some businesses have opened and called for people to come back to work and the answer is no I am making 4 times as much staying home.


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