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McConnell: 'Kids, Jobs, and Healthcare' Must Be the Focus of 'Phase 4' Coronavirus Bill - What Do You Want to See in the Bill?
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    Let’s look at this honestly they really don’t care how many people get sick and or die the only thing they care about is the dollars to keep the local state and federal government rolling. They don’t care about you they don’t care about your family or loved ones. The only thing they want to see is the dollars keep rolling in to their institutions. I comment on the side this racial inequality crap Has to stop and we have to stop destroying our history were hiding it to appease everybody or not to offend someone . Nobody is going to be happy all the time. You work hard you get what you get and you prosper. You sit on your butt clicked off the government and that’s what you get. Keep giving them that extra $600 a week so they don’t have to go back to work and they’ve got nothing better to do than protest while you pay them to do it.


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