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McConnell: 'Kids, Jobs, and Healthcare' Must Be the Focus of 'Phase 4' Coronavirus Bill - What Do You Want to See in the Bill?
by Causes
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  • jimK
    Voted Yes

    Yes. But I do not trust McConnell who often says one thing and does an other, but ‘spins’ the other as somehow pertinent to the original intent. Carefully read the details of any trumpublican legislation and the details in fact do the opposite of the title or stated need, often finding a way to fund wealthy corporations as the means to getting help to the people. The large pot of loans for corporations went to who knows where and who knows what. A large amount of funds from the PPP went to large companies, exchange listed companies or companies who had strong relations with the big banks and could have arranged their own loans, some went to trump family businesses luxury properties like the property co-owned by the trump and DeVoss, some went to Jared’s properties, some went to large churches, some went to companies already being paid by the trump campaign, and other questionable outlets. All of the big money recipients immediately petitioned to change the PPP loan terms so the loans could more easily be excused. Real small businesses got some but many did not. The only thing that makes sense to me is legislation that gets the funds directly to the people who need without a lot of profiteering middlemen. If this is going to work Moscow Mitch has to get off his normal ‘our way or the highway’ approach and really work with the House. … … … Oh, when the hell will the trump use the DPA act to ramp up testing, lab capacity and contact tracing. If he would spend a tenth of the time trying to help the country survive the pandemic as he spends trying to suppress the truth and change the narrative- well, there would have been much fewer Covid-19 deaths in the past and coming in the future. People can be fooled and opinions changed by divisive rhetoric. A killer virus really cannot hear any of your alternative facts and does not care what you say. More and more people are learning from the virus to not at care about what you say at all, only what you do. And so far, it has been what you do to stop the pandemic has been precious little.

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