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Washington Redskins Change Their Name – Should Other Teams Named for Native Americans Do the Same?
by Causes
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  • Glenn
    Voted No

    Americans who have an opinion of name changes should stand by until actual stakeholders in the name change of the particular team in question have had their say. When it comes to "offensive" names such as American Indian names or references, the stakeholders are the Native Americans who identify with the particular name, as well as bonified fans of the team in question. A democratic method would need to be employed, such as a vote among these stakeholders, in order to be valid. Those who feign offense or other such busybodies need to keep their opinions to themselves until such time as actual bonified stakeholders have had their say on the matter. Non-stakeholders need not apply. Years ago I purchased an official 'Washington Redskins' license plate for posterity in anticipation of this lunacy actually happening. My gamble paid off...I have now have this memorabilia for posterity sake.


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