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Graham Calls for Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee
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  • Judy
    Voted Yes

    What a mess! Leave it to Trump and his gang to really muddy the waters in that swamp of his. Why didn't anyone file something with the court to stop the Mueller investigation in the first place? And to stop Congress? This looks like another waste of taxpayer money to pay for something that Trump and his administration think will exonerate him so that he has a better chance of being reelected. Is it an attempt to remove an Impeachment against his record to make Democrats look bad? Well, here's the answer. Trump will go down in history as being impeached! Besides, it is costing tons of taxpayer money for Trump to work on his campaign (directly and indirectly) when he is actually supposed to be doing his job....) and when voters have already made up their minds about Trump and his guilt or innocence. You know if I had an employee who made no effort on the job to do his or her work but instead went around doing the way Trump does, I would fire that person. Hmm.....wait, I have actually worked with many people who do exactly like Trump and they end up getting how stupid are we in America?


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