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Washington Redskins Change Their Name – Should Other Teams Named for Native Americans Do the Same?
by Causes
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    No and neither should the Washington Redskins. The names the owners gave these teams was to recognize and honor the strength of Native Americans. Everybody is bending to the Woke culture. The BLM is a communist based organization. Instead of supporting them these people should be shunned. Yes, black lives matter and so does every skin color in this nation. Everyone needs to read the history of slavery and how slavery came to our country. We are the ONLY nation that has legally has abolished slavery starting with the 13th Amendment. The socialist left tried to stop this implementation...they wanted to keep slaves. I'm not going to say any more here because there is too much information to relay for this format. Everyone reading this needs to stop the rhetoric in their heads and go back and learn how slavery was brought to our country and when. Everyone also needs to read the BLM manifest and who is founding that organization. Does everyone on this forum believe in freedom? That's not what's happening in our society. We are the only nation in the world that has created a republic that is for the people and by the people. What is taking place in our society now is attempting to take away our freedoms. Cities that allow the anarchists to continue are fueling the flames of destruction instead of holding these criminals accountable for their actions. It's abysmal and destroying the very core of our nation. Stalin predicted that communism would take over America without a shot being fired--and, look around folks, that's exactly what's happening.


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