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Washington Redskins Change Their Name – Should Other Teams Named for Native Americans Do the Same?
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted No

    If the Native American name sends a positive message and not used derogatorily, then leave it alone. If a name came from being malicious to a group similar to the confederate statues being erected out of malice during Jim Crow days, then the name should be removed. If it was out of ignorance, and now you know better, change it and quit acting so ignorant. Amazing how so many people get angry when we try to grow a better society by either taking away something (like police brutality, racism, corporate and government corruption, pollution) or adding something (like better healthcare, weapons management, clean water and air, equality). If we could replace these temper tantrums with thinking before reacting using data, knowledge, and wisdom to better understand our feelings, then our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness could be enhanced. However, tolerance and respect of others has to exist. We could have learned (and still can) some valuable cultural and spiritual traits from the American Indians. I don’t recommend it, but the “Washington Foreskins” would be highly appropriate now.


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