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Washington Redskins Change Their Name – Should Other Teams Named for Native Americans Do the Same?
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  • Bryce
    Voted No

    This Cancel Culture is beyond ridiculous. The family of the Native American that was the model for the Redskins Mascot is upset that they are changing their name. They felt the honor that being bestowed up on their family is being stolen now to virtue signal to a mob minority. This bending to the mob minority of lets cancel everything is going to be the end of us. All that is being done right now is the destruction of Democracy and the destruction of our Republic. All because people are being told how bad America is. If America was so Racist and Oppressive then why do so many people from other countries want to come here, live here and become American Citizens? Enough is enough it is time for true Americans to stand up instead of sitting on the sidelines and tell you all on Capital Hill Enough!!!! For all of you thinking this Cancel Culture is a good thing it's funny how you only cancel stuff that follows with the Marxist Left.

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