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U.S. Rejects China's Territorial Claims in South China Sea as Beijing Seeks Military & Economic Ties With Iran
by Causes
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  • Joseph
    Voted Yes

    This is not a game of Risk! No one is stoned, and this is serious! China’s conduct is pushing the limits of diplomacy, and will result in armed conflict. They are doing whatever they want and will force neighboring countries to pushback on the issue (China probably wants them to so they can flex their own military), and China could care less! Much like Putin’s Russia, Xi Jinping’s China is becoming a global problem that we all need to pay attention to & push back, forcibly if necessary. What are the United Nations & the Security Council saying about this? BLM! Defund the police state! YES to the 28th! A vote for Trump & Trumpublicans is a vote for: racism, lying, cheating, an end to a Free Press & objective justice; a lit path to the end of Democracy to be sure!

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