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Supreme Court Upholds Religious & Moral Exemptions From Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate
by Causes
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    Religion is NOT an excuse for discrimination in a secular state, regardless of how many people are religious! Despite the belief by many Americans that US is a Christian nation, it is NOT! The Founding Fathers went well out of their way to make it clear that the United States of American does not, and will not be a Christian State short of a constitutional amendment. Good luck with that! Anyone’s religious freedoms end when their freedoms infringe upon another person’s rights. There are numerous examples of this throughout history. Many people keep making the mistake that these decisions are for the benefit of Christians, and Christians only, and no other religions. What will the conservative Christians do when an Islamic or Jewish School fires an employee because they are Christian? What happens when a Jehova Witness owned business wants to eliminate any insurance component that covers an exchange of bodily fluids such as a life saving blood transfusion for a cancer patient bc JW’s don’t believe in them? Will they cry “foul”? White Evangelical Christians already believe they are the most persecuted group of people in this country! What if I have a sincerely held religious belief that fundamentalist or conservative Christians are evil, mislead souls who only want the freedom to hate and discriminate against me because I’m a happily married GAY man. And as such, these so-called Christians deeply offend my religious beliefs. Can I refuse to serve them at my place of business? Can I fire them bc we have religious differences? I doubt it. But where does this end?

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