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Should K-12 Students Return to Classrooms?
by Causes
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  • Kathleen
    Voted No

    First off there is no fresh air exchange in school buildings. Nope! It's recirculated air! That's the number one no no, to be in a building that has no air exchange for too long a period. Right? So how can you expect schools to fix that problem? The buildings would be nothing but petri dishes for the virus. Am I wrong? How about the cafeterias? How about the class rooms? The gymnasiums? The hallways? The school buses? Do you remember? Think before you sentence children, teachers and staff to possible death. Can you picture a child wearing a mask all day? Seriously? You can thank the trump and his circus clowns for where we are. If he took this seriously in the first place back in November and did his job as a president. The trump doesn't know his ass from his elbow in which the job entails. Nope get rid of all the professional people and destroy the departments they worked in to protect us by putting other idiots that don't know shit either in them. This f***ing nightmare would not be happening if it wasn't for the trump! Folks better smarten up and face the facts that we are so screwed because of him and his clowns! Schools need to be done online until this virus is controlled. Parents need to work with their kids with the schooling. I know plenty of parents that homeschool their kids in the first place and it's not hard to do. The great government needs to step up and provide free internet access, laptops and or tablets to all students who don't have it. Learning doesn't have to stop and shouldn't stop for any child. Their brains are like sponges, always absorbing life and learnng. Some parents are pissed off that they have to actually do the work. Well we've all been forced to make sacrifices because of one idiot. Don't blame the teachers or anyone else but the ass-in-chief. So keeping the school doors closed is the safest thing to do. Like it or not. Unless you don't give a shit about anyone but yourself as the ass-in-chief does, suck it up.

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