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Graham Calls for Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee
by Causes
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    The Senate Oversight Committee in the “Checks and Balances” procedures should Subpoena the Law Clerks and the Secretary’s to the Law Clerks of Robert Muller as well Elaborated upon below. Thank You Senator Graham for your Leadership in these matters of oversight. Considering the Roger Stone commuted sentence and the Hell Mike Flynn is going through. Which is a Hoax and a Witch hunt of the highest order and should have never happed. While DOJ, FBI, CIA, AG Barr, FBI Christopher Wray, James Comney, Robert Muller, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Adam Schiffs, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Mitt Romney and many others not mentioned here, all had or have a Law Clerk(s)and Secretary’s to the Law Clerk(s). It would be these Law Clerks and Secretary Law Clerks that could actually shield them “In their Testimony before an Oversight Committee” from the actual “Person Testifying” in knowing the specific details to the truth in the questions being asked by the over sight committee. Furthermore, it would be the Law Clerks and Secretary Law Clerks that would actually do all the legal documents and make all the phone calls, make the points of contacts rather text messages, phone calls, emails, etc. as well as the scheduling, recording, filing, and writing the agenda of their bosses (Heads or Directors of the Agency) in their calendar organizers (Digitally or Journaling). Their phones would have the text messages and phone calls needed to actually show the daily routines of the above names mentioned in revealing their agenda which would reveal their Main Objectives and on going Coup against Trump, Trump Supporters, and the Republican Party as a whole. Needless to say, to Subpoena each Law Clerk and Secretary Law Clerk of the above names mentioned, would reveal a “Treasure Trove” of evidence that would be Revelatory to all seeking the Truth and Politically Apocalyptic of Biblical Proportions. Then, the revealing of the sources, core documents, and persons involved (The Heads of each Agency involved in the Coup against Trump and Republican Party, use the compartmentalized strategy upon their own Law Clerks and Secretary’s to the Law Clark so that they would Inadvertently do their bidding. Which would in effect covertly shield those involved in testifying before an oversight committee from knowing the details of the truth and the Oversight Committee retrieving the “Evidence” they are Seeking.) in the Hoax, Witch Hunt, and ongoing Coup against President Trump, Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, Jim Jordan, the Republican Party, and many mire being targeted would finally come to light. Which would finally prove the innocence of President Trump, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, and all others targeted. In effect, Destroying the Rulings of the Corrupt Judges in the Courts currently trying to put innocent persons in prison. Then with the wave of President Trumps Magical Wand followed by the Words “Abracadabra,” then it would be Open Sesame Season in the Evidence of Crimes the Swamp Creatures in the Swamp of Washington D.C. have been committing and continue to commit. Its all about Lessons and Blessings. Learn the Lessons, and Transform them into Blessings. God Bless You and God Bless America. God Speed Yours Truly, RRPIII


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