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Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence
by Axios
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  • Marylynn
    Voted Oppose

    Roger Stone isn't out of the woods.. According to a new report, he can be tried for his crimes in NY... The following is from CNN:Bringing a new case against Stone is possible thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York Legislature for Assembly Bill 6653. Signed into law last October, AB6653 enables New York district attorneys to prosecute what effectively amounts to certain friends and family of any president who pardoned them for federal convictions. Among the people who can be prosecuted are associates with information relevant to a civil or criminal investigation of the president. That would be Roger Stone. Let's hope that NY will follow through and charge him.... What's really ironic is all of a sudden after Robt. Mueller made his statement about Stone, the scumbag Lindsey Graham wants him to come testify in the Senate. Hey, Lindsey since you are one of the biggest ass kisser of Comrade Bone Spurs, who claims repeatedly that the moron is being harassed and the Mueller investigation was a hoax, now you want Mr. Mueller to testify. I truly hope he tells you to drop dead. You and mealy mouth McConnell need to be voted out of office... Once Comrade Bone Spurs is voted out of office I hope the District Attorney in NYC files charges against him... By then he should have all the tax records he needs to prove he violated campaigns finance laws and a host of other crimes... Hey, orange faced clown, your orange jumpsuit my clash with your fat face...

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