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Trump Promises Intense ‘Pressure’ to Get Schools Reopened for Fall – Do You Support Pressuring Schools to Reopen?
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  • GSD5030
    Voted Yes

    Have to get on with life. A stop hiding under the bed... well let me restate that... you politicians and federal and state employees can hide all you like. Open those jobs up to people who want to work, want to earn, want to help families and children. Those who don’t want to work can stay home. We should amputate every single penny of payroll to every single legislator federa and state, every government employee...EVERY employee including house and Senate (President is already working for free and has from day 1) The. We will just how fast they suddenly think it’s okay to reopen the economy, schools etc. You people still getting paid have. I fucking idea the duress you continue to force on the rest of us. And Romney in particular is a absolutely worthless dickhead. Senator Lee... keep fighting these assholes in Washington to get life back to normal. May corona take Romney sooner than later.


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