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Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence
by Axios
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  • Andy
    Voted Oppose

    Hey you Putin, Moscow Mitch and trump thingy suckin Reps. Brady, Cruz and Cornyn, I know it's hard but CAN YOU READ the following? "The rule of law has been sacrificed to the rule of the trump. … … … Again. … … … Thank you, trumpiblican Senate! Great job Malevolent Mitch! … … …Thank you, Supreme Court for abrogating your duties in supporting checks and balances until it is too late. … …. Thank you FOX News for misrepresenting the news to keep your market-share of conspiracy theorists. … …. … Thank you Wealthy donors and enriched Corporations, can you at least spare a little so we can bury our dead? … … … … Thank you, Bill Barr for dismantling our legal system and our prosecutors to service the whims of the Trump. … … … Thank you, the trump et al. for proving the long-suspected corruption of our government and exposing even more than than we ever thought possible. … … … Well, I can tolerate the increased costs of everything due to your useless trade wars; I can tolerate the increased taxes paid due to your ‘tax cuts’; I can tolerate your constant useless lies and misrepresentations because they are so transparently self serving; I am concerned about your use of taxpayer funds, as if they belong to you personally, to reward your accomplices, enrich yourself, and to punish your enemies; I am deeply concerned about your disinterest in protecting our country and our economy from the ravages of Covid-19 still, despite rapidly escalating hospitalizations and increasing death tolls; I am traumatized by your lack of concern for our military who put their life’s at risk to do their duty and follow your orders as they are being tracked and killed by bounty hunters paid by Putin; I am outraged by your cavalier disregard for people of color, be it immigrants or people living in disenfranchised communities, or people subjected to unequal and lethal police brutality, or people just pleading for their promised equality. … … … If you succeed in sending our children back to school in areas with rampant community spread to appease your political desires you will be openly defied by parents unable to willfully sacrifice their children to appease your ego. You have damaged us and our country greatly and are continuing to do so. Parents will not sacrifice their children, our country’s hope for a future on your alter of self serving greed. You should resign and leave this country now, before the parent’s of this country shout ‘enough you ignorant ass’ and lead the revolt to end your governance before you can kill more of us, especially our children. … … … … … … Oh, before I forget. We are wise to your call to ban or eliminate mail-in voting wherever possible, how it ties into your Death Star complex and your contracted cell-phone tracking service, and Bill Barr’s to be reported investigations into democratic leaders. The more people that cannot vote until the polls open, the more people you can message with ‘breaking news’ and FOX accomplice crap spewing pundits regarding some horrific new allegations about Biden as well as Barr’s press releases that infer horrific Democratic Party corruption before anyone has even a chance to respond to these made up bull crap allegations. It’s an old campaign dirty trick that has been used successfully to temporarily sway voters as they are getting ready to go to the polls. We will warn people to expect this and hopefully enlighten to the depths you can plunge. " TY, jimk, my idiots needed to hear that

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