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ICE: Foreign Students Must Leave U.S. if Colleges Go Online-Only – Do You Support the New Rule?
by Causes
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  • Phyllis
    Voted No

    You must be kidding me! I have sat my share of lectures in a classroom on a campus. But I have also taken my fair share of online classes. I have taught in classroom settings but have also taught clients over webcasts. We are already too far behind in our school systems in preparing high schoolers with online skills. Students need to have have technical skills that will make them competitive in all venues. A freshman might need that transition on a campus and a graduate student will need to be on campus depending on what they are studying, but we need to understand, if we are ever going to provide education to the level we should be, students are going to need to have translatable skills. So now we want to remove the ability for people to take a a pandemic? Just because they are here on a visa? You do know these students are not in class all day long right? And you do know you still have work to do regardless if you take the class online or in a classroom right? I have some really, really, really, ugly adjectives to describe this act and the people associated with it, but will refrain, because I have already stooped low enough as a result of the idiot in the White House.

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