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CAREN Act: San Francisco Ordinance Would Make Racially-Motivated 911 Calls Illegal
by Causes
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  • Azrael
    Voted Yes

    It’s against the law to make a false police report That’s a given Racial discrimination is against the law That’s a given Most people do not know how federal laws effect state laws States cannot take away from a federal law but they can add to it Load it up I’ve seen enough in the past 3 years People screaming in the faces of workers Screaming in the faces of people in parks Screaming in the faces of people on their own property Enough When you willingly dance, you pay the piper Mentally ill??? That’s a given Normal people don’t act that way Arrest them Put them into a mental health institute instead of jail They need help Give it to them If it wasn’t wrong, why are their employers firing them?

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