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CAREN Act: San Francisco Ordinance Would Make Racially-Motivated 911 Calls Illegal
by Causes
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  • Allyson
    Voted Yes

    I love the name of this. Amazing. This is great. This is the definition of a Caren. Calling the cops for no reason for no threat, should absolutely be illegal. They could be responding to a real threat, but instead it’s only a short hair Caren that needs to prove that her life and time is more valuable than anyone else. If there is no real threat, mind your business and walk away. Unless it directly effects you, keep you’re mouth shut. No one cares about your opinion, the world isn’t going to end, just walk away. It is really that simple. But you have to stick your nose in everyone’s business and that makes you a Caren. STOP CALLING THE COPS FOR NO REASON. YOU LOOK LIKE A SPOILED BRAT WHO WONT GET HER WAY SO SHE HAS TO CALL HER DADDY TO COME HELP HER. Okay Caren?

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