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Supreme Court Rules Eastern Oklahoma is an American Indian Reservation for Purposes of Criminal Prosecutions
by Causes
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  • Martha
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    This is a toughie. Indian land is Indian land, a sovereign country within the United States. At least that's what I've read. And they are supposed to police crimes on their own land. I also have read much about the violence that native american women face on reservations, so it seems that the policing is not working for them. Perhaps they have the same problem that we do outside the reservation -- police that are entranced with their power, bullies who use policing as a chance to be racist or misogynistic. It is a conundrum. Law is law, and when laws don't work for the people they are supposed to protect, they must be changed. Ethics, oft times, makes one cry, because situations must be judged according to the law, and not bent because of a particular situation. I am an R.N., and have been in such situations. I am a woman, a feminist, one who has worked for women's rights since the '70s .... so to not have this man punished for his crimes, is breaking my heart. The correct jurisdiction must prosecute him.

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