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Trump Promises Intense ‘Pressure’ to Get Schools Reopened for Fall – Do You Support Pressuring Schools to Reopen?
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  • John
    Voted No

    Today Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis actually said “if we can open at Home Depot we can open the schools “meanwhile over 1/3 of the population of Dade county, the Miami area have active COVID-19. Just like Donald Trump the governor is a complete ass. Wrong DeSantis! As a matter of fact he’s trumps ass. He doesn’t care if he kills all of Florida, all he wants to do is please his ass master, Trump. I’m not so sure any Home Depot’s in the Miami area should be open, but the differences between the environments of a closed school room and a HUGE Home Depot are Vast. That’s obviously way too complex for the governor to grasp.Here’s just one simple fact, anybody that’s ever had children knows it’s nearly impossible to keep a first graders finger out of their nose! Throw in the fact that you will have 40 kids in a room with very little cross ventilation, kids sharing everything some children who are health compromised........ I could fill up a book! So why does the governor not care if he kills you in Florida? Is it because he’s just an idiot, Is it because he’s a Charles Manson type, no it’s because Trump doesn’t care if he kills people across the country. All Trump wants to do is to be reelected, it doesn’t matter how many dead bodies that he stands on top of. All Florida’s governor wants to do is be trumps best friend, his lap dog. Here’s another irony about Trump, you can’t even get close to trump without being tested for Covid 19, Trump won’t even go into a bathroom if it’s not sanitized before he enters! It’s sick. Florida’s governor is worse than a little weasel he’s a murderer. When all this is said and done the little fucker should be charged with murder.

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