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Trump: Public Schools Teach Kids to ‘Hate Their Own Country’ - Do You Share Trump's Concerns?
by Causes
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  • Jeffrey
    Voted No

    What concerns me is the use of taxpayer money to extort schools into forcing our kids to go to school while it's obvious we not only don't have the virus under control we have attained the dubious distinction of having the most cases in the world. As a population of 330 million we have over 3 million confirmed cases 130000 dead with roughly 227 million left to contract the disease. I'm not real good at math but it seems like too many dead people by the time herd immunity is reached. To involve our kids by denying tax money to our schools is criminal. I grew up in America and it's always been great. I've never gone hungry, nor have my kids. They are grown with kids of their own( my son and wife just annonced their first). He was furloughed from his job a few days prior due to two co workers testing positive in his work area. He is a diabetic so a high risk for severe complications and is facing joblessness now at a time he can not afford job loss, but his work is scaling back due to the effects of the pandemic. He has applied for unemployment but has not received any yet due to the volume of claims. I fear that his child will not grow up enjoying the America I have enjoyed, in fact I am worried he may well go hungry if we continue on our present course. I have decided to make this issue my life's work as I cannot stand the thought of my grandson or daughter going hungry. Your resistance to and voting record against this criminal policy will be noted, and any voter with an ear will be informed as to your lack of protecting our children from this policy sending our kids into a dangerous environment by allowing federal money to extort schools to open. Do your job and represent America while it is still great, or endure the wrath of an expectant grandfather in November. Thank you for your time, your constituent. Jeffrey. Johnson.

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