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AOC Calls $1B NYPD Budget Cut Insufficient: 'Defunding the Police Means Defunding the Police'
by Causes
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    We need police. It’s a fact of life, & will remain so, for the foreseeable future. AND, people need to see where funding for police REALLY gets spent...betting it’s large on administrative salaries & perks, not on actual policing....same as education funds...about 90% of funding pays higher-up admin costs, not teachers, not students, not books or supplies....that has been going on for over 60 years that I was made aware of. The badly corrupt corporate models of doing business, is shredding our community services to millions of people in need. If we want to see something done differently, we must still have funding. Defunding police, means FEDS will step in to institute full-blown martial law/police state, just in time for our mentally dangerous leader to do a coup by stopping the election & just taking over as a Totalitarian Technocracy, similar to China since about 2001. Defund police? NO! Defund Trump! Defund mechanisms of Fascist takeovers. Not police.


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