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ICE: Foreign Students Must Leave U.S. if Colleges Go Online-Only – Do You Support the New Rule?
by Causes
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  • Allyson
    Voted No

    The whole point of being a foreign exchange student is experiencing that country’s culture. You can’t learn experience online..... you’re basically asking students to smell a candle but you can only read what it smells like.... it is impossible to really experience the candles aroma. There is no point of being a foreign exchange student if you are forcing them to learn classes online. Just let them learn and get a degree. They used their culture to advantage and came to America probably on a scholarship to learn and succeed career wise. They are smart for doing this and will succeed. That is what the real problem is. Let’s face it. Y’all are just upset that these foreign exchange students are smarter than y’all. We can do the same thing in America and you don’t see any other county’s having a problem with us. Take a chill pill and let them learn. Knowledge is Power!

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